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These people are most at risk of heart attack, somewhere you do not have these habits inside you.

Nowadays, young people are getting the most heart attack and cardiac arrest disease. Doctors say that the big reason behind this is our lifestyle and personality. Due to habits like obesity, blood pressure rise, stress, rising cholesterol and smoking, the risk of heart attack is also increasing. At the same time, the personality of some people is such that they are at a higher risk of heart attack. You will be surprised that some people have habits that increase the risk of a heart attack. Such people are more prone to heart-related diseases than others. Your anger, your stress, sleeplessness, the habit of eating and drinking can also cause heart attack. Let's know which nature of people are more at risk of heart attack.  

Medical experts say that people who are very angry or who are not able to control their anger or those who have feelings of competition are called type A personality. Such people are most at risk of heart attack. However, that doesn't mean that all such people have heart disease. Yes, it is that these reasons can also cause a heart attack many times. Due to your behavior, the risk of heart attack also increases significantly. In such a situation, you should change these habits immediately. In addition, there are many other habits that increase the risk of heart attack.

These habits increase the risk of heart attack:-'

1- Pressure of time - Often there is a pressure of time on people who work in the office. They have to finish their work or a project by a deadline
Multitasking - Some people do a lot of work together. Some people message while driving or talk on mobile while eating food, this increases the stress level in your body and it has an effect on your heart.
3- Control on emotions - In many researches, it has been revealed that men control their emotions more than women. Men have a habit of not expressing their anger, love and frustration in front of anyone. People who suppress emotions don't express their risk of a heart attack such as a cochronic health condition remains very high. So, be sure to share your emotions with someone or the other.

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