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StayCured Medical Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

StayCured Medical Clinic is an established healthcare provider headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with clinical facilities in Nacharam, Telangana, and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.  StayCured provides four key services to local and remote patients: 1) Conventional Healthcare, 2) Telemedicine Healthcare, 3) Medical Second Opinion, and 4) Medical Expert Presence.

Conventional Healthcare

  • Elaborate Diagnosis
  • Patient History Analysis
  • Evidence Based Treatment
  • Predisposition Consideration

StayCured applies strict scientific rigor in its approach to healthcare and complements its practices with evidence based medicine.  Patients undergo elaborate diagnoses appended with thorough analyses of their medical history and known predispositions.  Symptoms and diagnoses are scrutinized by experienced practitioners to uncover root causes, and pragmatic treatment plans are formulated to achieve rapid patient recovery with minimum lifestyle disruption.

Telemedicine Healthcare

  • Consultation Anytime Anyplace
  • Accurate Remote Vitals and Triage
  • High Ranking Specialist Consultation
  • Convenient and Affordable Treatment

Telemedicine services have grown geometrically throughout the pandemic, and is expected to exceed in person doctors’ visits within the next five years.  StayCured has developed and implemented advanced mobile technologies to easily connect patients and doctors.  This enables specialists to consult and treat patients anytime anyplace, and has transformed the way primary care is delivered to the general population by making it readily accessible and more affordable.

Medical Second Opinion

  • Precaution Against Misdiagnosis
  • Valued Guidance Before Decision
  • Relieves Decision Making Anxiety
  • Independent Medical Interpretation

Critical medical decisions are life changing and fraught with anxiety for patients and caregivers.  Getting a second opinion by leading medical experts can better guide the decision making process.  This is especially the case in life and death situations or when the complexities of underlining conditions overwhelm patients when they are most vulnerable.  StayCured second opinion facilitates informed medical decision making and relieves the anxieties of patients.

Medical Expert Presence

  • Mediates Communication
  • Simplifies Specialist Interaction
  • Uncomplicates Severe Diagnosis
  • Elevates Medical Records Quality

It is common for patients to become easily confounded by their medical knowledge disparity with their providers.  The situation is exacerbated by the limited time patients have with their specialists, and is worsened by the clutter in diagnostics reports.  StayCured medical expert presence is an innovative service by which our practitioners serve as the mediator between patients and providers ensuring that patients clearly understand what is being communicated.