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1Patient Installs App and Registers to Stay CuredAt the beginning of the process the Patient downloads and installs the Stay Cured App, and registers to the Stay Cured network, and the system returns a registration confirmation message to the paitent.Play
2Patient becomes Sick and Checks Vitals Using the AppWhen the patient or any family member becomes ill, the patient logs on to the App and performs an independent triage, and initiates the medical appointment process.Play
3Patient searches and selects Desirable Medical specialistUsing the App the Paitent searches and selects a desirable medical practitioner with established credentials and high network ratings.Play
4Patient Schedules Consultation Appointment with SpecialistBy following the simple steps in the scheduling workflow, the patient schedules a consultation appointment with a desirable medical specialist, and accepts the payment instructions.Play
5Appointment Confirmations are Sent to both Specialist and PatientAs part of the appointment setup process, the Stay Cured network transmits confirmation messages to both the specialist and the patient.Play
6Specialist Responds to Appointment NoticeDepending on the urgency of the situation the medical specialist may immediately respond to the appointment notice.Play
7Stay Cured Transmits Reminder Notices Prior to the AppointmentOne day before the consultation appointment reminder notices are sent to both the specialist and the patient, and the same reminder notices are again repeated two hours before the consultation.Play
8Specialist Video Calls the Patient on the Scheduled Day and TimeAt the agreed day and time of the appointment the specialist initiates a video call to patient and starts the consultation process.Play
9Specialist Performs Medical Consultation with PatientThe Specialist then diagnose the patients medical situation paying close attention to verbal and emotional clues, and thoroughly reviews the patients medical history, before making treatment recommendations and deciding on the required medication.Play
10Specialist Assimilates Notes on the Consultation with PatientElaborate notes are now assimilated by the specialist, documenting the patients medical situation and the recommendations including medication and necessary treatment plans.Play
11Specialist Prepares and Submits Prescription to Pharmacy and patientThe Specialist then prepares the prescription, and the Stay Cured network electronically transmits a copy to the local pharmacy and a second copy to the patient.Play
12Specialist Closes AppointmentAt this stage the appointment is officially closed, and as part of the closure process, the specialist dialogues with other medical practitioners who may have been involved with the same patient.Play
13Specialist Receives Credit for ConsultationImmediately after the appointment is closed, the Stay Cured network electronically transmits a payment to the specialist for the consultation conducted with the patient.Play
14Patient Collects Medication from Local PharmacyAt a convenient time the patient visits the local pharmacy to which the prescription was transmitted and pays for and collects the recommended medication.Play
15Patient Starts Treatment PlanUpon receipt of the medication, the patient commences the treatment plan according to the medical instructions provided by the specialist. And Depending on the situation, the patient may have pre scheduled telemedicine calls with a designated Stay Cured nurse, who monitores the patient's recovery.Play
16Patient Recovers and Resumes Normal LifeFollowing recovery, the patient resumes normal life, and follows up with the Stay Cured clinic to schedule post recovery consultations as needed.Play