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Diabetes patient diet: Diet chart for diabetic patient to control sugar levels

Diabetes mellitus is an illness brought on by a particular way of living. Its symptoms include dry mouth, frequent urination, hunger, exhaustion, blurred eyesight, and unexpected weight loss. Fortunately, maintaining a traditional Indian diet can aid in controlling blood sugar levels.

According to experts, eating more proteins than carbohydrates can be helpful for people with diabetes. Studies have also shown that the time of meals may be important for lowering insulin resistance.

According to a new study, if one eats their food in a precise order, sugar may not necessarily cause a significant blood sugar spike. Since diabetes is a condition in which one cannot consume sugar safely, following a set mealtime order, such as starting with vegetables and finishing with dessert, may be very beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients. Doing so may reduce blood sugar increases by 75%.

Diet chart for people with diabetes

Early Morning

An ideal Indian diet for a diabetic patient starts with a glass of lukewarm water in the early morning. One can add methi seeds powder in water as well which helps flush out harmful toxins from the body.


Breakfast is an essential aspect for diabetes patients which they cannot afford to miss at any cost. A typical breakfast meal can include a bowl of vegetable daliya or upma, whole wheat bread, an omelet with egg white, and veggies.

Mid-Morning snacks

Since diabetic patients are advised not to keep a long gap between two meals, meals such as fruits, green tea, or roasted channa can be consumed at around 11 am.


Lunch should be nutritious in nature and should ideally consist of chapatis with sabji, sprouts, dal, and chicken/fish. You can also have dal khichdi with curd. A bowl of salad can also be added to your meal.

Evening snacks

For evening snacks, a diabetic patient can have sandwiches, fruit(s), or buttermilk.Dinners can typically be the same as lunch, consisting of a salad bowl, chapatis, a bowl of sabji, sprouts, buttermilk, chicken, or fish.

Before bedtime

One can eat nuts before going to bed.This Indian diet can be followed to stay fit and healthy while keeping their blood sugar levels in check.

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