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Can You Donate Blood If You Have Had COVID-19?

Recovered from COVID-19? After how many days post-recovery can you actually donate blood, and is it really safe for you to do so? There are many questions in the minds of the people regarding blood donation by those donors who have recovered from the deadly virus infection. While some say the virus remains in the blood for over months, some believe the virus doesn't stay anymore in the blood once the patient has recovered from COVID-19 completely. In this article let's understand the basics of blood donation for all those who have had COVID-19.

Can A COVID-19 Recovered Patient Donate Blood?

Blood donation is an act of kindness, but it requires a lot of safety measures to donate blood. One needs to know what precautions should be taken during and post blood donation so that the procedure remains healthy. However, when it comes to donating blood post-COVID recovery, here's what you need to keep in mind.

There are primarily three barriers for COVID-recovered patients who want to donate blood. These are:

COVID Positive Patients

If a donor has any of the COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for the deadly virus, the patient should wait for a minimum of 28 days before considering donating blood.

COVID Recovered Patients

If an individual has tested negative for COVID-19 or has recently recovered from COVID, he or she needs to wait for minimum 14-17 days from the resolution of symptoms. Also, one needs to test again before considering blood donation.

After How Long Can You Donate Blood Post-COVID Recovery reached out to Dr. Anand S.Deshpande, Consultant Transfusion Medicine, to understand after how long can a recovered COVID patient donate blood. Dr. Deshpande says, "A person who has recovered from Covid 19 , can donate blood 28 days after full recovery after fulfilling the other routine donation criteria. Similarly a person can donate blood 14 days after covid vaccination."

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