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Conventional Healthcare

StayCured executes the conventional style of healthcare driven by science and complemented with evidence based medicine. This unique twist ensures that our healthcare workflow steps of Triage, Consultation, Diagnosis, Review, Treatment, Followup, and Recovery are based on scientific rigor supported by proven results. Patients are consulted to by medical practitioners with significant experience either as generalists or specialists in areas of discipline that match their respective diagnoses. Utmost attention is paid to patients’ situations and circumstances, documenting their underlining conditions, and clues are sought to narrow and identify root causes.

Depending on the patient’s triage, a selection of diagnostic tests and scans are performed to research symptoms and root causes, and these are analyzed in conjunction with the patient’s medical history. If the findings are ambiguous, specific tests may be repeated and advice and guidance are obtained from other practitioners who are more exposed to the underlining conditions exhibited by the patient. This holistic view is integral to our standard operating procedures and results in a closer scrutiny of the patient’s medical circumstances revealing discoveries beyond the critical markers highlighted in diagnostic reports and medical exams.