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Telemedicine Healthcare

Telemedicine has revolutionized healthcare and medical services globally, and continues to grow at an accelerated pace, benefiting patients, doctors, and payers such as insurance providers. StayCured is an undisputed leader in the telemedicine market segment and is among the early adopters of advance information technology and telecommunications systems to effectively and efficient dispense care to patients spread across geographies and at schedules that are easily synchronized with available practitioners. Using our technologies, patients can now easily connected with providers, share medical records, remotely measure their vitals independently, while reducing cost and saving time.

StayCured has organized one of the largest network of virtual doctors with specialties covering all critical medical disciplines. This is an unrivaled online clinic operating on a 24x7 schedule, making available to anyone medical consultation and treatment through the simple use of a mobile phone and the Internet. The StayCured Telemedicine Network is an online platform where patients and doctors converge and conduct healthcare transactions in a highly secured manner while observing utmost privacy. Patients are able to logon, search and select specialists, schedule appointments, receive consultation and treatment, pay bills, and conveniently track their medical history.