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Receive Diagnosis

File the Diagnosis
StayCured medical clinic has uniquely experienced registered medical doctors to give an accurate diagnosis to a patient’s situation. The diagnosis report of the patient is first documented and the file of the patient is maintained in the appropriate patient record with the new information added to each section chronologically. Our physicians make sure that it is held in total privacy. The diagnosis is classified as regular, urgent or very urgent accordingly.

Review the Diagnosis
Patient's current conditions are measured against normal norms which assists in the patient's diagnostic processing. The physician reviews and analyze the situation based on the findings and reports assimilated and medical history of the patient. Opinions of other specialist are sought if needed. The findings are documented and necessary steps to be taken are assimilated.

Assimilate the Report
A summary is made of the patient’s report, key findings which affect the patient are identified and the patient’s record specific plans as well as goal are outlined. The best action plan is finalized by the physician. The physician then plans to discuss the goal and plan of action with the patient and once the patient approves with the plan of action, the physician works with the patient to achieve the goal.

Follow up with the Patient
A report of the diagnosis and plan of action is discussed with the patient over the phone and /or directly. An appointment with the patient is scheduled for a one on one discussion in detail with the physician. The patient is encouraged to bring along any loved ones for the discussion. In case of rescheduling of the appointment the patient is advised to let the physician know prior to two or three days in advance.