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Patient Follow Up

Schedule an Appointment
StayCured believes that the patient’s care doesn’t end when they are discharged. On a routine basis, the clinic administration checks the schedule of the patient for follow up. The patient and their caregivers are scheduled on a convenient date/time to meet our physician. The patient is contacted according to the preferred mode of communication (phone calls or emails) and briefly explained what to expect out of the meeting.

Check for the Right Content
The administration staff makes sure that the patient, caregiver and doctor has the latest files of the patient for the follow up meeting. The front desk staff confirms the appointment with patient and updates the patient records regarding the progress of the patient and any information that the patient might want to discuss with the physician. The updated report of the patient is made available to the physician for the follow up meeting.

Tracking Progress
The physician has a discussion with the patient and caregiver to track the progress of the health of the patient. The latest patient records and symptoms are discussed with the patient and their caregivers. Any feedback from the patient and their caregiver is noted down by the physician. The physician assimilates the above points and decides whether the treatment plan is going in the positive direction.

Decide Next Plan of Action
If the treatment plan is positive, the patient is asked to continue with the same treatment plan and he is asked to repeat the cycle of the treatment for duration. If treatment plan is not working as expected, the current plan is discontinued and alternative ways of treatment are explored by the physician with the patient and their caregivers and another treatment plan is put in place with the aim of putting the patient on the path to quick recovery.