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Monitor Recovery

Schedule to get in touch with the Patient
StayCured staffs routinely go through their clinical and medical records to identify patients who were on a treatment plan. The patient on normal and critical treatment plan are catalogued. The patients on critical treatment plans are flagged down and scheduled to be contacted usually through phone calls. If the staff is unable to contact the patient directly, the caregivers are contacted to know how the patient is doing.

Talk to Patient/Caregiver
We get in touch with the caregiver or the patient to find out how things are going with them. The patients physical and emotional well being are enquired to see how the patient is doing after the treatment. Views and opinions of patients and caregivers on the care they have experienced are noted down. The daily routine of the patient is tracked to check if the patient is following a normal mode of conduct.

Decide Follow Up Action
A plan of action is followed up based on the discussion with the patient or the caregiver. It depends on one of the following (a) The patient recovered (b) The patient completed treatment but did not recover (c) The patient had an inadequate treatment course because of adherence problems, intolerance, or laboratory toxicity necessitating premature discontinuation of the treatment regimen.

Action Plan
If the patient has recovered well, we leave it to the caretakers to contact us later if the patients need us. If the patient did not recover with the current treatment plan or the patient had a premature discontinuation of the treatment, an appointment with the patient is scheduled to find out alternative means of continuing the treatment with us. We at StayCured are always there to take care of your well being and speedy recovery.