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Medical Second Opinion

Through the StayCured Second Medical Opinion service, patients can more easily navigate the complexities associated with critical medical care. Medical conditions and treatments are frequently complicated and confusing. The situation can quickly become tenuous when a critically ill and uninformed patient is confronted with lengthy diagnostic reports, pathologies, and treatment plans. To alleviate the anxiety of patients who may be unsure of their medical decisions or who are challenged by the complexities of lab diagnostics, medical terminologies, and recommended treatment plans, StayCured offers a Second Medical Opinion service.

Studies have shown that an average of 40% of patients receiving a second medical opinion change their treatment plans after a 3rd party performs a deeper scrutiny of their diagnoses, and as many as 80% become more confident on their final medical decisions. The medical literature and healthcare community repeatedly demonstrates that patient care is significantly elevated in cases where a second medical opinion is involved. StayCured has independently researched and validated these findings, and provides a Second Medical Opinion service as one of its primary offerings. We have made getting a second medical opinion fast, simple, inexpensive, and worry free.