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Medical Expert Presence

It is common for patients to become easily confounded in routine consultations with medical practitioners. Surveys have shown that as many as 57% of patients did not clearly understandings what their doctor have just discussed with them. The same research suggested that most of the misunderstanding were due to the limited medical knowledge of the patient, the inability of the patient to rapidly grasp medical concepts, the lower attention span of the patient when in pain or emotionally distressed, and other anxiety inducing distractions such as family and work. This is exasperated by the fact that more than 43% of patients feel that their doctors are rushed and are unable to give them reasonable face time.

StayCured has researched the gap between patients’ expectations of service and practitioners’ quality of delivery, and has formulated and implemented a service that rectifies this disparity. Through our Medical Expert Presence service, patients are able to selectively engage our medical staff to participate or accompany them in their visits or consultations with their respective doctors. The StayCured participating staff assumes an active role in the patients’ consultations with their practitioners’, ensures that patients clearly understand what is discussed, decisions made, and treatment plans. Our expert presence is used by a variety of patients and is tremendously beneficial to new parents and the elderly.