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Medical Consultation

Discuss and Enquire
StayCured has a comprehensive consultation process for the patients with the aim to get them back to health as soon as possible. At the onset, we have a discussion with the patient about his/her concerns. We have a set of queries to find out more about the person’s health issues. We record the symptoms that the patient is experiencing, and document the vital statistics of the patient (weight, blood pressure, pulse etc.) at the time of consultation.

Analyze the Situation
Medical reports that we have assimilated are used a key ingredients to analyze the situation. The symptoms are reviewed thoroughly. The medical history of the patient is also taken into consideration to arrive at a conclusion about the patient’s health. If necessary we get assistance from experts in order to accurately detect the medical condition of the patient. Our physicians then compile a report recommending steps to be taken.

Propose / Recommend Solution
Recommended treatment plan are purely based on report and findings we assimilated and the patients are treated under the guidance of our medical specialist. Medical staff reflects on whether the patient has understood the recommended solutions correctly; this is achieved by repeating a summary back to the patient. Our physicians make sure that the patient agrees with the proposed solution otherwise alternative solutions are explored.

Follow up
Once the physician and the patient have agreed on plan of action, the patient is given the medicines and the instructions to follow the treatment. The patient is encouraged to contact a StayCured physician for any queries that they may later have. StayCured physicians follow up on the patient to check on the patient’s progress since his/her last appointment, to make sure that they are completely cured.