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Instructions to Schedule an Appointment


  1. Select Service: Select one of the services for which you require medical attention.

Capture-1 - service

  1. Select Date: Select the appointment date that is convenient for you.

Capture -2 - select date

  1. Select Doctor: Select an available Doctor and click on ‘FIND AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS’.

Capture- 3 - Doctor

  1. Select Time Slot: Select the time slot from a list of available time slots and click on ‘BOOK APPOINTMENT’.

Capture- 4 - timeslot

  1. Patients Account Information: After you have selected your appointment in step no 4, click on your time slot and you will automatically be redirected to “ACCOUNT INFO”. Fill your complete information that is mentioned and click on ‘SUBMIT’.

Capture- 5 - patient accounts

Capture- 5 - account info

  1. Appointment Confirmed: After you submit the form on step no 5, a message would be displayed ‘Thank you for your booking. Please check your email’.

Capture- 5 - thanks

  1. Confirmation Mail: Below is the sample confirmation mail that will be sent to the patients registered email id.


Thank you for booking Internal Message. Below are the details of your appointment.

Appointment Details:
Service: Internal Message
Date: 27/02/2017
Time: 11:15 AM
Doctor: Dr. John Brown
Cost: $300.00

Best Regards!
StayCured Medical Clinic
Landline: 011-91-40-4016-5703
Mobile: 011-91-99-6344-0404

Please, use the following link in case you’d like to cancel your appointment.


  1. Problem Booking an Appointment: Incase you encounter any problems with the booking of an Appointment call to these numbers 011-91-40-4016-5703 or 011-91-99-6344-0404.