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How are fitness devices transforming the healthcare industry?

Wearable technology and fitness devices have transformed the healthcare system in today's market. These devices are designed to collect and monitor data and interact with users. The best use lies in providing timely awareness of different health parameters to users and doctors.

Most wearable devices are embedded with sensors that gather data from our bodies and related physical activities. The introduction of artificial intelligence has further pushed boundaries of this technology by providing valuable insights into our health and wellbeing.

How are wearables helping healthcare services?

People striving for an active, healthy lifestyle use a fitness tracker to monitor fitness-related activities such as walking or running, sleep time, calorie consumption, etc. These trackers are mostly fitted in smartwatches or bands that are synced with the person's mobile phone or computer.

Chronic diseases like heart disease, pain and diabetes are complex for monitoring and management. With the advancement of technology, different wearable systems are now available in the market to monitor activities and indicate symptoms associated with a particular disease.

Wearables are helpful in terms of elderly care as they simplify everyday activities. With the introduction of smart glasses, older people can keep track of their medications and appointments. They also have a face recognition function useful for people with poor vision.

ASX-listed fitness and wearables stocks

Spacetalk Ltd (ASX: SPA)

SPA products comprise Spacetalk Kids, Spacetalk Adventurer, Spacetalk Seniors, and Spacetalk LIFE. These are wearable devices in the form of smartphone GPS watches which have functions like heart rate monitoring and in-built features for the safety of children and seniors.

CardieX Limited (ASX: CDX)

CardieX is a health technology company that focuses on heart diseases and disorders. It has a patented BP monitoring device, emergency medical device and other devices related to cardiac health. CardieX along with Mobvoi is about to launch a new smartwatch in the US and Australia. It is an advanced heart management system for measuring arterial pressure.

ResApp Health Limited (ASX: RAP)

ResApp Health focuses on developing digital healthcare solutions for respiratory diseases. It provides diagnostic solutions for telehealth which are integrated into mobile platforms. With modern smartphones and a machine learning approach, RAP has a platform for diagnosing respiratory disease by the sound of a patient's cough.

Nuheara Limited (ASX: NUH)

NUH is an audio wearable technology company. It develops personal hearing devices wirelessly connected to smart devices and improves a person's hearing ability. It also provides online hearing assessments so that customers can understand if they need hearing assistance and the level of self-care they require.

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