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Heart attack vs Cardiac arrest: Know the difference and what to do

Those suffering from heart ailments have to live a very careful life. The heart is a sensitive organ, yet helps regulate the entire body. Heart conditions require a lot of knowledge about small issues which look pretty similar but happen due to various reasons.Similarly, people do not know much about the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Even though both involve the heart’s inability to pump blood and eventually stop working if not given emergency care, the two conditions are caused by different problems.

How to make a distinction?

High cholesterol: A creamy green fruit can help you fight LDL surgeUnderstanding cholesterol: how it damages heart and what lifestyle changes can reverse itA heart attack happens when one of its arteries becomes blocked due to the high presence of LDL cholesterol. It is not able to supply blood and oxygen to the heart. A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping and the person is not able to breathe.Also, symptoms of a heart attack can be pretty sudden and severe, despite some signs presenting for over weeks. But in cardiac arrest, the heart just stops beating suddenly without a prior warning. Cardiac arrest gets triggered by an electrical malfunction in the heart that gives rise to an irregular heartbeat. That leads to a sudden halt in the pumping which stops sending blood and oxygen to other organs like the brain and lungs, ultimately resulting in death within minutes if there is no medical help provided.According to statistics, deaths due to cardiac arrest have increased by 53 per cent in the last five years in India, with over 7 lakh people dying every year. However, timely care and hospital treatments have increased the survival rate to almost 35 per cent.

What to do in an emergency?

There are a few emergency steps you can take when around a person who suffers from either of the two dangerous situations. A few of them are:Before doing anything, call for an ambulance for a quick response. The emergency workers are trained to even revive someone whose heart has stopped.Begin CPR immediately and continue it till professional help arrivesIf possible, arrange for an automated external defibrillator and use it immediately

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