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Execute Treatment

Treatment Plan
StayCured physicians discuss the treatment plan thoroughly with the patient or with their care givers. They are given the instructions for the duration and quantity of medication they might have been prescribed. The diet of the patient is clearly specified and the patient is advised to diligently follow the diet instructions. Any physical activity recommended for the patient is explained in detail and patient is encouraged to contact the physician for any concerns later.

Execute Treatment Plan
Our physicians give specific written instructions to the patient and their care givers. They are asked to explain the plan so that the physician can make sure that they thoroughly understand the implications of following the treatment regime and the implications if they fail to do so. StayCured physicians make sure that the patient understands the need to follow the treatment plan and reinforces it to the patient that they actually have to do it.

Medical Follow Up
A follow up is done with the patient by calling them up on a weekly basis to check how the patient is responding to the treatment. It is enquired if the patient is following the treatment plan diligently given by the physician. The patient’s symptoms, general health condition and how the patients is coping with treatment are followed up. The patient is encouraged to call the physician for any side effects, concerns or emergencies during the treatment.

Final Consultation
A consultation is scheduled with the patient during the duration of the treatment. The treatment plan is analyzed to check if the desired results are being achieved, if the physician arrives at the conclusion that the patient is having success with the current treatment plan then the physician decides to repeat the regime for another cycle, if not the physician reviews the treatment plan and adjusts it accordingly for an effective solution.