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Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer And When to Get Tested – All You Need to Know to Stay Safe!

Lung Cancer is still the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. In India, alone, Lung Cancer accounts for a majority of the Cancer burden, with 1 in 68 males falling victim to it. Moreover, several statistics state that around 80 per cent of Lung Cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage. Having said that, medical science and the healthcare fraternity have done a lot of progress to reduce the burden of Lung Cancer and save as many lives as possible. There has been a rapid and exponential development in the modalities to manage Lung Cancer. Right from tools to augment early diagnosis, to targeted chemotherapies, to minimally invasive procedures to treat Cancer, healthcare today has a plethora of interventions that can help patients with Lung Cancer.Also Read - Don't File 'Publicity Interest Litigation', Says SC Dismissing Plea To Increase Smoking Age

Smoking remains the catalyst of higher risk of cancer and the leading contributor to Lung Cancer in India, said Dr Preyas Vaidya, Consultant-Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Expert, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital. Also Read - Horoscope Today, July 19, Tuesday: Health Will Deteriorate For Cancer, Avoid Investing in Business

According to Cancer Research, a timely diagnosis of cancer increases the chances of survival. You must check with your doctor as soon as you see the early signs of lung cancer. The early signs of lung cancer should not be avoided.

Watch out for these early symptoms of Lung Cancer:

Persistent Cough

If the cough lasts for more than three weeks and gets worse, then it could be a sign of lung cancer. Recurrent chest infections and breathlessness is also a sign of cancer. According to a report by Times Now, some patients may even cough up blood and can experience hoarseness and wheezing while talking.

Other symptoms of Lung Cancer

  • Frequent Pain in the chest or head
  • Sore throat
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Swelling in the face or neck
  • Body pain

Dr Preyas Vaidya says that early diagnosis of lung cancer is instrumental. “Smoking is gauged with the number of packets a person smokes per day, for the number of years smoked. In India, as the number of cigarettes per packet is less, a different tool like the ‘smoking index’ is estimated. A low-dose CT scan of the lungs is approved for screening of Lung Cancer in the west, as it has been shown to improve survival by detecting the Cancer early. In India, people with a high smoking index can discuss with their healthcare providers to see if they qualify for a screening CT scan. People suffering from COPD due to smoking are at higher risk and can discuss the timing and need for getting a CT scan for Lung Cancer screening. Surgery or in some cases Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) cures Lung Cancer when detected early.”

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