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Discuss Results

Appointment is scheduled with the patient to discuss results
StayCured physicians get in touch with the patient and their caregivers to discuss the diagnosis report of the patient. An appointment is scheduled to discuss the results of the test results of the patient. We ensure that the patient and their caregivers are able to attend at their convenient times. At these appointments, we examine the patient by checking his vital statistics and also in conjunction review the test results.

Results are Reviewed
At the consultation appointment, the concerned physician discusses with the patient and their caregiver about the patient’s medical history and latest test results along with their lifestyle choices. The patient is encouraged to ask any queries he might have and the physician establishes that the patient has understood the situation thoroughly. The physician identifies the best treatment option for the patient.

Plan of Action
The physician instructs what the patient should and shouldn't do what treatment the patient needs to follow, how to get it, and how long it should take for the treatment to take effect etc. If needed the patient is put on a specific diet and exercise program. The vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse, weight etc) are captured before the patient starts the treatment. The patient is asked to follow the instructions diligently.

Follow up with Patients
A copy of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan is filed in the appropriate patient record with the new information .The patient can either collect the copy himself or request the report to be sent by post or through email. An appointment is fixed with the patient after few days or weeks to check how the treatment is progressing. The patient is advised to get in touch with the physician for any further concerns.