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COVID-19 Infection During Pregnancy Results In High Inflammation For Infants

A study has found that COVID-19 infection in pregnancy can result in high inflammation in infants. The pandemic has turned the whole world upside down, and a big part of the problem was that the virus was considered “novel,” which means that it was new. The scientific and medical world had to learn about it and adjust as time went on, and this made the public very nervous. This included women who were planning to conceive or were expecting because they needed to know what the impact could be on their pregnancy and their growing baby.

Even now, work continues to look at how the virus can impact pregnancy and the health of a baby. According to Study Finds, a new study is showing that inflammation in infants could be caused by a virus infection during pregnancy. Another reason why women need to be cautious.

This study was done by researchers at Boston Medical Center, and it can be read in full here. They found that women who had COVID-19 when pregnant had high inflammatory levels and this could have led to miscarriages and problems with the development of their baby.

While it remains that passing on the virus to a fetus when pregnant is incredibly rare, they are not immune to some side effects.

  • They found that high levels of inflammation were also found in newborns if their mothers tested positive for the virus.
  • They also found that this inflammation can last weeks and months after a mother becomes infected.
  • There are long-term impacts of the virus.

This is what they are looking at when it comes to seeing how it can impact a fetus who is still developing and growing. Researchers state that newborns who are born to mothers who had the virus during pregnancy need to be monitored by their doctors.x

This could lead to problems with infant growth and development, and that is why they need to be monitored. They need to be watched for any long-term consequences to their health.

Researchers also state that this is another study that shows how important it is for pregnant women to get vaccinated if they have not already. It continues to be the best way to protect a mother and her growing baby. This study was done by collecting blood samples from both the mother and the baby after birth. It included women who had the virus when pregnant and those who did not.

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