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Can Stress Make You Sick? Fever, Blood Pressure And More

Most people are affected by stress at some point in their lives. In fact, 2022 data from Ipsos found that at least 52% of Americans reported feeling so stressed that they felt they could not cope or deal at least once in the past year[1].But what happens when stress is experienced over a long period of time,…
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During Pregnancy, a Fake ‘Infection’ Protects the Fetus

Cells in the placenta have an unusual trick for activating gentle immune defenses and keeping them turned on when no infection is present. It involves crafting and deploying a fake virus. When you were a child, it seemed like an ingenious plan: Splash hot water on your face and stagger into the kitchen, letting out…
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Eczema Around the Eyes: What to Know

Eczema around the eyes presents as dryness, itching, and soreness around the eyelids. It can occur in response to an irritant or allergen, such as makeup or dampness. Other triggers, such as stress, also can cause eczema around the eyes.Doctors may also use the terms “eyelid eczema” or “eyelid dermatitis” to describe eczema involving the…
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Can heart attack be triggered by air pollution?

​1. Air pollution is getting severe​ Air pollution is a growing global concern with far-reaching health implications. While it's well-documented that air pollution can lead to respiratory issues and worsen pre-existing conditions, emerging research suggests a link between air pollution and heart attacks. While it may not directly trigger a heart attack, it can certainly…
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