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Are You At Risk Of A Heart Attack? 7 Things That Can Damage Your Heart Silently

Concern over the rise in heart attack incidence has led to a call for more public awareness of heart risk. Earlier heart attacks were a concern for old people and were extremely uncommon in young people. However, heart attacks are now becoming common in people of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic groups. Young people today have a high chance of having a heart attack despite their lifestyles or medical issues. It's critical to understand the current risk factors for heart attacks and what may be done to reduce the danger. To explain the condition better, we spoke to Dr. Anshul Kumar Gupta, Consultant of Interventional Cardiology, Manipal Hospital Jaipur. And here's what he has to say.

Things That Can Ruin Your Heart Health

Dr. Gupta explains 7 things that can silently damage the heart and make an individual prone to suffer a heart attack and other diseases related to poor heart health. Take a look below:


When the body is stressed, it not only impacts the brain but also causes anxiety and nervousness that can impact the blood circulation in the body and in turn cause heart ailments. A body can manage stress for some minutes or a few hours, but a stressful environment for days can be fatal. Hence, there is a need to make work and home environments less stressful


It has been proven that people with lung ailments such as COPD, Asthma are more likely to develop heart diseases. As COVID is a lung disease, it can cause inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) increasing the risk of heart disease. People who had COVID must take better care of their hearts as they are more at risk

Critical Health conditions

Previous health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease

Prior Heart Ailments

A person who has already experienced a stroke/ mini-stroke, or heart attack is more likely to experience another as the heart becomes weak and more prone to damage


The new cases of heart attacks in people who go to the gym and have an extensively healthy lifestyle might sound surprising but like any other organ, if the heart is overexerted, it might malfunction and stop. Therefore, it is important to know the body's limits and only do heavy exercises gradually and slowly

Quit Smoking And Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

It is important that people with heart disease must reduce the amount on their alcohol consumption and quit smoking because both substances can exacerbate the symptoms of a heart attack.

The causes of heart attacks in both young and old persons can be the same. But people can lower their risk of having a heart attack by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, becoming more aligned with their bodies, and going for regular diagnosis. Furthermore, it's critical to be aware of the early indicators of heart disease, such as chest pain, tightness, chronic fatigue, coughing or wheezing for no apparent reason, and quick heartbeat. If such symptoms occur, the individual should seek medical attention immediately and be tested for heart problems. Although such alarming statistics of heart attack cases are concerning, people must remember that the risk of such conditions can be reduced with a little extra care and precaution.

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