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8 Common Heart Health Mistakes That Women Make

Heart attack incidence is less in women compared to men, especially in the premenopausal age group. After menopause, the incidence of heart disease in women is the same as in men. Also if there is diabetes, there is no hormonal advantage for heart disease. After a heart attack, women are 20% more likely to suffer heart failure or death compared to men. They develop more complications compared to men.Also Read - Fitness Tips: This Is How South Indian Sensation Samantha Ruth Prabhu Maintains Her Toned Body, Her Fitness Secrets Revealed

Let us look at some of the common heart health mistakes that women make.  

  • Smoking

Smoking is less prevalent in Indian women compared to many western countries. However, in urban India the smoking rate remains high in women. Smoking has many health consequences including cardiac and pulmonary disease. Smoking is considered to be a major risk factor for heart attacks and should be completely stopped. 

  • Exercise

Women have many things to do. They work at the office as well as do routine household activities. So very often they tend to skip their exercise routine. Everybody men or women need to do moderate level of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and at least 5 days in a week

  • Weight management

Very often women become careless about weight, especially after child birth. It is important to maintain ideal body weight to prevent obesity related problems including heart disease. Most importantly central obesity has to be avoided by proper diet and routine exercise as this kind of obesity is highly related to heart disease.

  • Sleep and stress

Women quite often sleep late and rise early and do not complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping less is correlated to increased cardiac risk. Similarly increased mental stress also leads to increased incidence of cardiac illness. Women should take care of these aspects and if needed should consult a doctor for advice or treatment.

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